About the blogger

Joost de Waal

After completing his study at the Maritime Institute, Joost de Waal sailed for several years as Chief Mate and Captain on various merchant marine vessels.  After his sailing period he started his onshore carrierjoost as ship agent and shipbroker taking care of various liner services and tramp vessels. His ‘hands on’ mentality made him an all-round expert in fields of customs regulations, stowage and securing various cargoes, dangerous goods, project cargoes and supply-chain management.

In 2007 he started Azimuth Marine B.V. as a service providing company offering multimodal solutions and port agencies to a variety of shippers, charterers and ship-owners.

Today Joost de Waal is Managing Director of Azimuth Marine B.V., located in Rotterdam – the Netherlands.

Azimuth Marine is a ship agency and logistic service provider with focus on serving the offshore industry, providing project-management and is supplier of specialised cable engines..


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